• Are You Cyber Secure?

    When did you last assess your Cyber security efficiency? Get cyber secure now!

  • Started Automating?

    Let us help you get started with effective automation, by selecting the right use cases and the right platform for your business.

  • Employee Onboarding 

    The process of onboarding a new employee is complex, span multiple departemens and is time critical - and ciritical for the retention of the employee, learn how!

  • Azure Virtual Desktop

    Looking to use your existing Microsoft licenses more effective and provide a Virtual Desktop - use Azure Virtual Desktop and get it done right with NUDGE IT!

Embracing Change, Delivering Results

Change is everywhere, it’s non-stop and the pace is accelerating rapidly. The various changes increase complexity - and this needs to be managed effectively.

The big question to ask yourself is how your business can embrace these changes to get ahead, whilst your IT operations stay secure, solid, and reliable.

That’s what we do: we help businesses like yours to keep up with developments and improve efficiency by supporting IT, whilst keeping the underlying technology secure, stable, and based on solid standards.

We achieve this through our deep Microsoft know-how, our commitment to delivering pragmatic solutions, and our ability to get things done fast.


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Modern Workplace

Microsoft 365 is a state-of-the-art solution, designed to assist collaboration in a secure environment, however, M365 alone is not enough. Modern Workplace supports remote working, BYOD, Virtual Desktops, and many other technical challenges.

Modern Workplace details

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Automation is the tool your business needs to do more with less, it improves reliability and security for both back-office functions and for IT.  However, selecting the right approach, technology, and Automation platform is crucial for success.

Learn how to Automate

Migration to the cloud


So, you have defined your migration goal, and now it is time to define how to get there in a managed and secure fashion. Whether it is moving from on-premises to the cloud or tenant to tenant, we can help you migrate SQL, servers, storage, Exchange, and home drives successfully. 

Migration what to consider

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Hybrid Cloud

The world is a multi-cloud network, which doesn’t make it easy to configure and operate, especially if you are managing with hybrid clouds. We understand the variety of clouds and their interdependencies, so let’s talk about best practices.

Hybrid is not always easy

Replacing Virtual Desktop Servers or Storage for Citrix?- Think Twice!

Unleash the Potential of the Cloud: Elevate User Experience and Streamline Operations with Azure Virtual Desktop.

In today's IT landscape, moving to cloud-based services like Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) is a strategic decision, often prompted by the need to update or replace old servers, storage, and network systems. This shift from on-premise Citrix setups offers businesses a path to more flexibility, scalability, and cost efficiency.

Azure Virtual desktop Delivers:

  • With windows 11 - far superior user experience
  • Scalability, both up and down
  • Come with Build in security and compliance
  • Reduce operational effort

It's time to make the move

Transition from Citrix On-Premise to Azure Virtual Desktop is a strategic move to stay agile in a changing IT landscape. Consider AVD as a step towards future-proofing your infrastructure amidst hardware replacement or upgrade challenges.


Nudge Services, Assessments, Consulting & Support

Our services are delivered to our clients based on our deep technical understanding. This knowledge is combined with pragmatic methods that deliver outcome-oriented services.

We work where it matters.


Consulting Servicces
Consulting Services
  • IT Strategy
  • Cyber Security Assessments
  • Cloud Assessments
  • RFP Consulting
Technical Services
Technical Services
  • Managed Services
  • 3rd Level Support
  • Project Services
Migration services
Migration Services
  • Hoster Migration / Transformation
  • AD Migration
  • Tenant to Tenant Migration
  • E-Mail, PST, Archive Migration
Automation Services
Automation Services
  • Process Consulting
  • Build the Automation
  • AI and ML – Train the Model
  • Monitor and Optimize the Automations


We know Microsoft

We are committed to the use of Microsoft products, and we know what works. From the far backend with Azure services, over SQL, Intune and MECM to Virtual servers, Virtual desktops and Microsoft Office 365. We stay on top of new technologies, to ensure you get the best solutions.

Much more on supported Technologies

get started with NUDGEIT

Why we are different

Our core team includes 20 people, and we have a great network of experts who work with us on our projects. We constantly strive to improve our corporate culture, and we probably do certain things differently from other IT companies.

Real Technical Wizards

We are proud to have many technical wizards within the company, and they know a lot about Microsoft products. The team constantly hone their skills, and you can trust them to be honest about what works and what doesn't.

Common Baseline

Our team come from all over the world, which is why we work differently in many ways. However, above all we have a common focus on customers, projects, and solutions. 

Always Keeping the Big Picture in Mind

Knowing where you are going is key to not ending up in the wrong place, this is the foundation of the pragmatic strategy we use, and we will always ensure you end up where you want to be.  

Pragmatism is Key

In business, circumstances can change quickly, and when it comes to IT, change is a given. However, a good mix of common sense, honest principles, and plenty of pragmatism usually helps get things done.

No bullshit

We have Mark, and he always holds us up to this approach, there will be no bullshit, no fancy words, no excuses. You should meet Mark over a beer, then you will know exactly what we mean. 

We believe in UNBOSSING

We believe that our people are at their most creative and productive when they are "unbossed" - empowered and enabled to take accountability for their work and their choices. We believe that businesses should focus on making a difference in the world rather than just making money.


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