Consulting & Technical Services

Consulting Services 

The NUDGEIT technology consulting team provides the insights, processes, and guidance that your business needs to put into motion your IT vision and overall strategy. We offer a unique blend of services, from strategic planning through to technical advisory services and full system implementation – and we do all of this with a pragmatic approach that is rooted in our technical understanding of both IT infrastructure and our deep knowledge of the Microsoft technology stack.

  • IT Strategy  
  • IT Cyber Security Assessments  
  • Modern Workplace Assessment 
  • Cloud Assessments  
  • RFP Consulting 
  • Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery 
  • License Consulting

If you need input on any of the above-listed services, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.

NUDGE IT Services Portfolio

We deliver both consulting, technical services, managed services and support services, you can jump into each area directly here:


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Migration Services 

It may at times feel like IT is always undergoing a continuous transformation, with a constant stream of migrations from one system to the other. These initiatives are often outside of most companies daily operations, and they can be disruptive to employees as they often require special skills.

Microsoft Office cloud initiatives have driven many of the recent IT migrations, whether it is only the local email server migrating across to Microsoft 365, or the local home drives moving across to Microsoft OneDrive for business – these are not tasks which businesses complete every day. However, they can impact users significantly, so it is important that changes are completed quickly.

  • Server to Azure
  • AD Migration and Consolidation
  • SQL to Azure
  • Tenant to Tenant Migration 
  • E-Mail, PST, and Archive Migration 

When you utilise the services of our consulting team, we will ensure that you have a handle on these migrations before you start the process, thanks to our wealth of technical skills and best practice process knowledge. Get started with a Migration Consulting call today!

Managed Services 

With the rollout of new IT systems and applications gaining pace, IT solutions within businesses are often stretched to the point of breaking – and this is where a Managed IT Service can help. When you outsource the management of subsystems, your IT team is free to focus on core competencies that actually drive the business forwards. At NUDGEIT, we have many customers who benefit from our managed services, ranging from full management through to partial management of their IT subsystems. The following are some examples of popular managed IT services offered by NUDGEIT:

Client Configuration and Updating

Whether your clients are managed with Intune or SCCM, we have a fully managed service that allows the team here at NUDGEIT to take care of configuration, OS updates, and application management. It is even possible to build new packages as you add those to your portfolio, all within our fixed-price managed service.

Monitoring Infrastructure

As you add more infrastructure components, regardless of whether they are on-premise systems or in the cloud, you will have more to monitor. This is a challenging task, and with constant change having a good handle on your core service is critical. If you want to make use of SCOM, Intune, or other great tools – we can service you with a managed service that covers the running, updating, and patching, alongside the monitoring of your IT infrastructure.

Azure Cost Management

Azure cost management is very different from the on-premise initial investment and maintenance cost management, which your business may be familiar with. Many variables impact the ongoing cost, such as; SQL model, backup storage tier, server model, storage type, redundancy type, performance tiers, and many other factors, but with our managed service, NUDGEIT can keep optimizing costs low by tracking your needs and provisioning capabilities.

Our managed services do not need to be a fully managed package, we understand that at times you may simply need ongoing support with level 3 capabilities, whereas sometimes you may only need us to manage the exchange servers in a hybrid setup. Simply let us know your requirements and we can find the best solution, so reach out today and we can have a managed service conversation.


Technical Services

Whether it is demand within your business, the constant flow of new applications and services, or increasing security requirements, there are many factors that can lead to increased complexity with IT staff pushed to their limits.  

With limited staff and growing system complexity, your business may end up struggling with some IT areas, as there will not be the in-house deep-rooted technical knowledge needed to ensure your systems run efficiently and securely. This is why having a clear focus on what support your business has internally and where you need to rely on external partners is paramount to business success.

With NUDGEIT, you will have a reliable, knowledgeable partner that can help you overcome many of the challenges that arise naturally as a result of the increasing complexity.


3rd Level Support

We can help you get those critical and complex issues solved with our deep technical knowledge, whether this is with Microsoft SQL servers, Active Directory, Intune, SCCM, SCOM, monitoring, backup, or disaster recovery – simply reach out to us and we can discuss how our team can help you.


Project Services

Do you have a new system? Or, maybe you have changed to an existing system and need some additional resources to complement your own team’s knowledge? Perhaps you simply want to outsource the project? Whatever the reason, let the NUDGEIT technical experts help you to get those projects off the ground. Some of the project types and products we can support include:

  • SQL Server
  • Intune
  • SCCM
  • Azure Virtual Desktop
  • Backup, Disaster recovery
  • Virtual servers 

Automation Services 

Whether you embarked on your automation journey some time ago or have just started, it’s a daunting task. Automation requires not only the technical skills needed to select and operate automation platforms, but also the strategic thinking and planning on how you can change the culture within your IT team and across other departments, as the company will need to work together to get rid of those repetitive tasks if resources are to be made more readily available.

NUDGEIT consultants and our IT services teams have implemented many automations, and we can help companies with a vast number of areas, including the following:

  • Process Consulting
  • Selection of Optimal Use Cases
  • Building of Individual Automations
  • Implementation of Microsoft Power Automate
  • Azure Automation for Core IT
  • Utilize AI Cognitive Skills in Automation
  • Monitor and Optimize the Automations

The NUDGEIT consulting team benefit from specialized knowledge of the Microsoft Automation platform and will help you to select the right technology for your automation challenges, whether this is Azure Automation, Logic Apps, Power Automate or simple scripts.

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